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Premium Perks

Experience the joy of singing along to your favorite songs

Unleash your inner singer and join in on the fun! With our feature, you can easily sing along to your favorite songs and never miss a beat.

Take control of your music experience with our bots

Take charge of your music with our feature-packed bot! From custom playlists to playback controls, enjoy a elevated music experience.

Enable 24/7 for non-stop music streaming

With our 24/7 music streaming feature, you can enjoy uninterrupted music anytime, anywhere. Let the beats keep flowing and never miss a moment!

Volume control for personalized listening

Fine-tune your audio experience with our volume control feature. Adjust the sound to your liking and enjoy personalized listening best for you.

Discover music through recommendations

Looking for new music? Let our recommendation engine be your guide! Discover fresh tracks that match your tastes and expand your horizons.

Create and organize your own playlists

Craft your perfect music collection with ease! Our intuitive playlist creation tool lets you customize your tracks and organize them effortlessly.


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